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1. All my decals are made from 100% interior safe, removable, quality adhesive vinyl! 
2. Bright colors, very firmly stick to a hard surface.
3. All my decals you can wash. It’s waterproof exactly.
4. Your kids can't remove it during using, but you can if you need.
5. In each order I attach a test sticker

This magic decal set could make every wall unique. Look at the photos to make your choice!

• Three peel-and-stick arch included in a set

• Size:

Small: 19"x20"
Medium: 19"x45"
Large: 19"x 65"

• Each individual decal can be arranged however you want!

Check out listing photos for more details about all elements and measures.

Arches Wall Decals set includes:

• Peel&stick wall decals kit.
• Test sticker to try applying before the main decals set
• Detailed application instruction

❗Please mention, the size of the wall decal in ads picture serves illustration purposes exclusively and the actual size may vary. Please check the picture with the exact sizes in the listing.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Three color arches